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Revamping agricultural and food systems by re-aligning them with Nature.


Jeevanama envisions an evolved humanity which lives at its peak, deeply connected to Nature.


Jeevanama's mission is to ensure a prosperous population that lives in healthy environments and eats nutritious food.

Healthy Environment -> Healthy Food -> Happy People

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Wayne Weiseman

Wayne Weiseman

Wayne Weiseman

Wayne Weiseman is a leading  teacher, designer, consultant and author of Regenerative Agriculture with over 40 years of experience.  He  is the founder of The Permaculture Project LLC  and a co-author of   Integrated Forest Gardening: The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems 


Steve Hart

Wayne Weiseman

Wayne Weiseman

Steve Hart is an "Ecology Architect" from New Zealand. He is a Lead Designer, Instructor and Consultant of The Permaculture Education Centre.

For over 3 decades, Steve has been working in projects across Australia,  Europe and Asia, creating  regenerative landscapes through Ecological Agriculture. 



Muhammad Saad Arshad

Muhammad Saad Arshad

Shaan is a typical city boy but with a love for the country side and nature, which eventually led him to start working in the agricultural policy sector. 

After completing his Bachelor's in Economics from LUMS, Shan worked for a few years with a non-profit in agriculture development. He then went to Cornell for his Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in international agricultural development. 


Muhammad Saad Arshad

Muhammad Saad Arshad

Muhammad Saad Arshad

Saad works as a 'Senior Manager Program and Research' for an Agriculture reform project by HBL. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from LUMS and has a Master's of Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Apart from that, Saad is a long suffering Arsenal FC fan, loves to travel and claims to make a mean omelet. 


Ali Zain

Muhammad Saad Arshad

Ali Virani

Ali is a graduate of NYU. To the world he is an engineer, an environmentalist and a fledgling entrepreneur. At heart though, he is a farmer and a foodie going back to his roots to combine his love for the world and for food through evolving, sustainable means. 


Ali Virani

Abid Ali Huseini

Ali Virani

Ali graduated from LUMS with a degree in Management Science. He believes that in order to tackle the escalating food and climate crises, other forms of human existence have to be imagined, ones in which we learn from nature. 


Abid Ali Huseini

Abid Ali Huseini

Abid Ali Huseini

Founder of Jeevanama

Mulla Nasrudin's father was reprimanding his son for being a lazy good-for-nothing.

"When I was your age," he said, "I worked sixteen hours a day to learn the business."

"I am very proud of you, Dad," replied Mulla Nasrudin. "If it had not been for your ambition and perseverance, I might have had to do the same."

Model Farm-Forests

Regenerative Agriculture & Natural Farming

Jeevanama is creating Farm-Forests using Regenerative Agriculture and Natural Farming.


· High-nutrition and high-value produce 

· Decrease in input costs by 80% or more

· Improvement in land quality by 5 times or more

· Reduction in energy use by at least 45%

· 40% fewer carbon emissions

· Reduction in water use by at least 35%

· Healthy, biodiverse environment

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